Transformations & Testimonials

With over 200 locations worldwide, we are proud of our gym in Calgary. World Gym Membership prices are competitive and affordable to meet the needs of our Members.


What They Said...



Excellent place to work out for all types of gym enthusiast. The gym staff is very friendly and the price is extremely affordable! The VIP Plus section has top of the line equipment and to access it, it is still cheaper than most gyms. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to start their journey to a healthier lifestyle.



I get welcome by Kim Awsome service! Staff super friendly, gym super clean, machine for everyone!! Love that gym!



As a bodybuilder I have tested out many gyms. I recently switched to this one because I wanted to switch things up. Many great benefits: change room (clean), new machines (2017), deadlift and squat platform, two full pully cages, an array of advanced machines for leg day, and a large area to stretch. Whether you're a regular fitness fanatic (5+ a week) or just getting into it, give it a go and give me a shout out if you see me there!